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Beer Photos - 2005 2004 Photos
To keep records legitimate, we try our best to photograph our progress. Every 100 we try to take a photo, althought you don't always have a camera with you. Through tracking our beers we have come to learn of several "Specialty Beers" based on what particular number they represent and are worthy of a photo in addition to the 100's:
007 - Beer...Bond Beer 666 - Beer of the Beast
777 - Jackpot Beer 911 - Rememberence Beer
1111 - Beer of One 1234 - Sequential Beer/Wish Beer 1313 - Unlucky Beer
1492 - Columbus Beer 1564 - Shakespear Beer
(Year he was born) 1776 - Independence Beer
1935 - 1st Canned Beer 1954 - Golden Arches
(McDonalds) Beer
Dave's 100th Beer
at Mark & Laura's House - 1.15.05
Dave's 143th Beer & Nick's 122nd Beer at the Varsity Club- 1.21.05
Dave's 200th Beer
at Fritter's - 2.2.05
Dave's 300th Beer
at Iacanno's with server Jen- 2.22.05
Dave's 400th Beer
at Woody's with bartender Terra- 3.17.05
#403 Beer of the BEAST

Dave's 403rd
"Make-A-Wish" Beer
at Home - 3.17.05

A special thanks to the MAW foundation for making this little Wish Come True.

Dave's 500th Beer
at Fitzgeralds with bartender Cherie- 4.14.05
Mike's 200th Beer
- 4.15.05
Dave's 600th Beer
at Novak's with bartender Darla- 5.16.05
Beer of the BEAST
Dave's 666th Beer
at Red Door Tavern with Debbie - 6.3.05
Mike's 300th Beer at Stoly's - 6.13.05

Amanda's 2nd Beer in Tallahassee FL- 6.25.05\
Starting 6/25/05

Dave's 1100th Beer
at Varsity Club with mom and Fred - 11.5.05

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