See who is in the lead... What's this all about? You're board already?

What's the next logical step after drinking good beer - making good beer.
Or at least trying to make good beer. For the second time in three years Adam and his boss Ed schemed outside of work hours to win the annual Barley's HomeBrew Competition. Using several pounds of beer ingredients and pounding several beers, the duo crafted a thick, dark sweet stout. In honor of nature's in-law, an occasional pest that won't go away, they named it Sweet Cicada Stout.

Reaction from friends was very positive. Even Nina at the Winemaker's shop (where the ingredients are bought) was impressed. Hopes were high. They increased when Adam took a call several days before the event unveiling the winner to remind him and Ed to be sure to attend. Unfortunately it was beer-drinker's optimism and the pair scored only a 24 out of 50. On the positive side, this was a five-point increase from the previous entry. At this pace , Ed and Adam plan to win sometime around 2008.