See who is in the lead... You're board already?

How many Beers do you drink in a year? What would it take to drink an entire keg of beer? How about a swimming
pool full of beer? Those were some of the questions Dave and Nate asked each other on New Years Eve and
The Year of the Beer
began on January 1, 2004. Both made a New Year's resolution to keep track of
how many beers they both drank in the course of a year. Not as a game or a competition, but simply for general knowledge and curiosity. Their friend Adam "the conservative" was brought in as a third inagural member
to help validate and actualize the numbers and stories of The Year of the Beer.

It's more suprising and difficult than you would think.

First Problem - How do you keep track? Some use a calendar and write down quantity and location, or a palm pilot and a spreadsheet, but any way you keep track, sometimes you can't always remember. Which leads to the next...
Second Problem - Do you remember how many you drank that night? It becomes a simple game of what you had last. If you had 2 Miller Lites to start the night, and move on from there, when you switch to something else, you have a base number to start from. And of course sometimes you can just look at your receipt at the end of the night.

more to come...