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Beer Count for 2005 as of 12.31.05


252 Quit 2/10/05
346 Quit 5/1/05
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BEER of the BEAST!!!!
Adam 1000 Beer of the BEAST

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The Finals for 2004 are in!
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Do you like BEER? Well, we sure do. On January 1, 2004 a couple of friends were sitting around wondering how much they had drank. Being men, we asked each other out of dumb curiosity, "How many Beers do you drink in a year?" Dave and Nate started a New Years resolution to count each and every beer they drank in the course of a year. WHY? Why not! How many have you had this entire year?It's not a a game or a competition, but simply for general knowledge and curiosity. And so the YEAR of the BEER was born.

A lot has been learned about beer and some of the facts and truths are shocking and self-realizing. To legitimize things, their friend Adam, "the conservative" was brought in as a third inagural member to help validate and actualize the numbers and stories. It's not as easy as one might think. Keeping track has been a challenge for everyone.